A “Pick Me Up” With Halle Kearns’ Electric New Single

Kendra Muecke
2 min readAug 10, 2020

For her recent single, Halle Kearns, provides us with feel good country hit that is sure to last throughout the ages. Her debut song “Pick Me Up” is upbeat and reminiscent of something I would love to listen to on a summer drive with my best friends. The Kansa City singer-songwriter has had an impressive run, clocking in over 50 live performances in 2017. With “Pick Me Up”, Halle shows what she is capable of doing in the spotlight.

The song begins with the acoustic guitar playing an anthemic couple riffs. Halle’s vocals then begin to serenade us with the theme of waiting all week for the weekend. The chorus says, “I just need a little pick me up, pick me up…” As she describes how she would love to be picked up for a night of fun with her significant other.

In a recent interview with Live and Amplified, Halle explains to the host, Tom, that she feels her song is hitting the heart in a different way. Especially now, as we have all been wanting to get together and see friends. That’s why she chose this as her first release. For the single, Halle was deciding between a selection of songs that she recorded in Nashville. The singer explains that she wanted to provide a way for us all to feel better, because her song is a ‘pick me up’.

In her interview, the extrovert also shares that a big influence of her’s right now is Kacey Musgraves. She admires the powerhouse songwriter, yet at the same time, Halle creates a style unique to herself. “Pick Me Up” fuses pop and country together to create an optimistic danceable tune. The production is well-rounded and dazzling for the listener.

Through “Pick Me Up”, Halle brings us a ray of sunshine with her reassuring voice, strong presence, and catchy verses. It’s an encouraging performance by the budding singer, showing lots of promise in the air. Check out Halle Kearn’s debut single and share in the good vibes!

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