Tanya George Welcomes us into 2021 with a New Single

Kendra Muecke
3 min readJan 22, 2021

Have you heard of Tanya George yet? She’s an Australian singer songwriter with an electro soul-pop influence. She is innovative in her writing and always up to perform a show, either with her band or with a vocal looper. Tanya has released several EPs including her 2018 release “Sonder” and “Normality” in 2020. Following the new year, Tanya George is back with a new single welcoming us into 2021.

Her song “Welcome” is a smooth R&B serenade with well-calibrated soul and vocal pitch. The song was created specifically for Metro Tunnel and Melbourne Music Week’s “Home Made Sound”, and get this, the track was recorded utilizing isolated vocal loops in its entirety.

It’s a comforting ode to making changes in our lives as individuals. The lyrics remind us that when we welcome both love and fear, we are able to grow into a more resolute prospect of ourselves. Emotions are our guiding system, and often times the way we feel can stretch us, leading to discovery.

Tanya is a busker, singer-songwriter, and looper. Looping is such an art of timing and precision. It’s an instrument in its own right. In Tanya’s song “Welcome”, she showcases her ability to drive strong melodies over sultry bass tones paired perfectly with her talent to expand on beat and rhythm through word choice.

To start the song, George introduces us to fear. She tells us that the absence of love is fear, urging us to face our own trials. In the second verse, she goes onto flip that with the lyrics “Love, when you don’t choose fear you choose, Love.” She reminds us that the way we react and act is a choice in each moment.

Tanya’s voice is soothing and contemplative. As her vocal jamming stays organized throughout the duration of the song, she hits a crescendo at the bridge. It pools into a collection of various harmonies to reflect how strange change can be. Tanya George’s new song “Welcome” brings us a motto for the new year … “You gotta welcome the fear, you gotta welcome the love, you gotta welcome the change… three things that are necessary.”

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