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Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water

Standing on stage and serenading a large group of people can sound a little bit like a bad dream for the shy or for the unrested. When it comes to remembering all my lyrics, hitting my notes, and being witty with banter between songs, I find the more well-rested I am, the better I am on my feet. For me, I know it’s a full 8 hours that I’ll need of sleep to be performing, literally, at my best. …

Services like Open Broadcaster Software allow creators to broadcast from their computer to multiple channels easily and simultaneously.

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With a lot of events moving to an online format, live streaming has become all the rage. This has opened up a new horizon for creative individuals in many fields to share their skills and knowledge in a live video setting. There are several steps to take and websites to visit, if one would like to create a high quality live video stream, but the steps are well worth the process to establish a professional looking presentation.

The initial set up is…

Have you heard of Tanya George yet? She’s an Australian singer songwriter with an electro soul-pop influence. She is innovative in her writing and always up to perform a show, either with her band or with a vocal looper. Tanya has released several EPs including her 2018 release “Sonder” and “Normality” in 2020. Following the new year, Tanya George is back with a new single welcoming us into 2021.

Her song “Welcome” is a smooth R&B serenade with well-calibrated soul and vocal pitch. …

Connecting Small Businesses with Their Community: Meet the Dashible App

Meet the Dashible app, a relatively new discount and deals app founded in the NYC area.

Dashible is a New York City based company that strives to connect local businesses with prospective customers and locals. Vendors can sign up with Dashible for free. People then download the app, also for free, where they have access to use deals around town. The intention is to showcase local businesses and provide a way for consumers and vendors to connect.

During the unprecedented times of 2020, the Dashible app has taken on a…

It could have been touching to show a timeline of different creators documenting 2020, with so many having brought people together this year.

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YouTube’s notoriously polarizing Rewind end-of-year video recaps have been something viewers and creators can look forward to since 2010. This year, though, YouTube decided to forgo the usual Rewind recap due to 2020 being a “different” year. The online video sharing platform confirmed it would be taking a break from the tradition in a tweet last week, saying it didn’t feel right to carry on as though it weren’t.

Could skipping YouTube Rewind in 2020 be the…

I should have celebrated 2 years of sobriety from alcohol on 9.24.2020 — Personal moment of shared jargon. On Sept. 24, 2018 — I was blessed with the opportunity to get sober from my partner in destruction, alcohol. I proceeded to be sober for 1.5 years, then when the coronavirus took hold in early 2020, all #AA meeting locations had to close temporarily (most are still closed, at least in the LA area). Fellowship is a main pillar of AA, as it helps aid in community and accountability. Sure, meetings went online, but it was easy to duck behind my…

With live streaming as relevant as ever, music lovers are turning to the web more often to host their online shows. This not only creates a wider avenue for artists to perform, but also to reach new fans, and learn their way around sound equipment and software. Setting up a high-quality live stream broadcast is going to take a few steps, but luckily, it’s a relatively straightforward process.

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Live streaming has been around for almost a decade, but it has gained a lot of traction over the past several years, reaching new heights in 2020. Since the current pandemic has…

Fitbit recently released a new SpO2 Signature Clock Face and while an addition to the company’s wide choice of clock faces, this one comes with the added ability to monitor blood oxygen levels. Earlier this year, Fitbit starting rolling out an update to enable the use of SpO2 technology in many of its smartwatches and fitness trackers. SpO2 provides an enhanced way to measure the user’s estimated blood oxygen saturation, the measurement of how much oxygen red blood cells are carrying at any given time.

Photo by ScreenRant

The use of SpO2 sensors in devices, and especially wearables, has become a lot more…

Optimizing Mobile Data for the Future: 5G Technology

5G Technology has been gaining a lot of press coverage, as the new development in wireless data transmission rolls out all around the world. Standing for “5th Generation”, the newly optimized mobile network allows for various devices to connect and communicate with one another in a faster and more efficient way then prior generational technology, such as: 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Is the world ready for 5G Technology?

Quantifiably impacting the efficacy of wireless transmissions, 5G allows for higher multi-gigabit peak data speeds which means ultra low latency when downloading or streaming. This benefits the consumer as 5G…

For her recent single, Halle Kearns, provides us with feel good country hit that is sure to last throughout the ages. Her debut song “Pick Me Up” is upbeat and reminiscent of something I would love to listen to on a summer drive with my best friends. The Kansa City singer-songwriter has had an impressive run, clocking in over 50 live performances in 2017. With “Pick Me Up”, Halle shows what she is capable of doing in the spotlight.

The song begins with the acoustic guitar playing an anthemic couple riffs. Halle’s vocals then begin to serenade us with the…

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